Apps -

INIS REENTRY VISA (Free Chrome extension)

Check the Availability of REENTRY VISA Appointment more simpler, give you a quick glance of the available date and time.Please note From 13 May 2019 no longer need a re-entry visa.

INIS IRP/GNIB lite plus (Free Chrome extension)

A quick and easy way check and booking the INIS Appointment.Save the register form information for re-use ,reduce the booking process.

My Appointment Register (Free Android App)

Tap! Tap!!! Done!!!!! Book your GNIB appointment just that simple! For people who seeking GNIB appointment Registration from their android device, with GNIB appointment release notification ,GNIB registration form pre-fill,Auto-fill,and updated INIS released notice.
No hidden cost ,No upgrade charges,No in-app purchases.